Painted joist and wood beams:

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We realize painted formwork for joists, wood beams and half-timberings carry adapted to your measurements on models inspired by the XVIth and XVIIth century from the Lamoignon hotel in the "Marais", the "Café de la danse" at rue du Temple, and of course from the hotel of Sully in rue Saint-Antoine.

The ancient techniques used are painting with the rye flour and casein as well as patinas containing beeswax.

Very often the beams are damaged or of unequal sizes which makes difficult their decoration.

In addition working with scaffoldings is tedious.

This is why we decorated our workshop in order to show you what we are capable to realize.

If you do not have beams, the shutterings in massive timber and painted can be fixed at the ceiling in the same way.